Labyrinths series, inspired by the Cretan myth of the Minotaur

      The Minotaur’s myth is a story that incorporates ideas still valid today: betrayal, fight for life, love, altruism, marriage, greed, and loss. Surrounded by sea, the Cretans relate their lives and stories to it. In Greek mythology, the sea symbolizes the natural element connecting people though trade and in the same time, separating them in war - the primordial water where life started and the vehicle that remains until today their first source of livelihood. The sea is omnipresent in Greek art, as a silent blue background or its symbol, the lines.
​     The metaphor of the myth is represented on my canvases in an abstract form of lines intersections, like a yarn passing thru. It is about the invisible thread that connects us all and the labyrinth, which ironically, is an entangled thread itself. Life is a labyrinth, as the ancient story tells us, with a metaphor about our existence. The thread may be the mentors that we all need to grow, to go through problems and sometimes solve them. The thread may be the heritage left from our ancestors, that many of us carry further to next generations.
This work is drawn from a mythological past that inspires and influences, even today, our choices. At crossroads, we always looked back in history, for advice and wisdom. For me, this is still a valid concept.